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Flexi Club
Over 100 000 holiday makers already enjoy the many unique benefits of Flexi Club - a lifetime of wonderful holidays, anywhere, anyhow, anytime - from coast to mountain, sea to snow, country to country, season to season and even in any size of apartment.

Flexi Club welcomes timeshare trade in's from luxury, Gold Crown and Resorts of International Distinction worldwide.
Flexi Club owns all it's quality holiday properties, aiming to maintain a high ratio of the most popular locations and time periods around the world.
You have access to stock valued in excess of R4,6 billion throughout the world.
Flexi Club provides you with the freedom to vacation at any resort, season and size of apartment according to your changing needs from holiday to holiday.
You may enjoy as many holidays as you choose, provided you have sufficient points.
Points are issued at the beginning of each year for you to use. Any unused points may be accumulated for up to 36 months, and you may even borrow up to 25% of the following year's points if required.
Flexi Club has a unique 'pay only for what you use' system known as the 'Accommodation Fee'.
Any unused 'Holiday Savings' credits are carried forward from year to year and may be accumulated for up to 3 years, resulting in more holiday value for less.
Flexi Club processes ALL reservations directly from its cost effective, multilingual South African head office, regardless of which country or continent you would like to visit.
Flexi Club is a family holiday club and you may privately rent out your points, provided this is not for commercial gain, or spoil friends and family with holiday Guest Certificates at no extra cost. Your points can also be bequeathed.
With Flexi Club the value of your points increases in line with inflation each year.
As a member of the Club Leisure Group, Flexi Club is associated with 15 other leisure clubs, providing further benefits and access to additional holiday properties.
You receive regular interactive communications, Opinion Polls and special holiday offers as well as exclusive added value opportunities.
Flexi Club has appointed leading travel partners around the world to service even your most demanding travel requirements.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Owner Relations Department. Click here to go to our Contacts Page.